Fablab 19: Grasshopper + Arduino project. ETSAS

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The last day of the Workshop»Arduino Aplications on design and prototyping of interactive systems, with Grasshopper & Firefly (Kinect)» we had to develop a project for interacting with a 6 servo structure designed by Jens Dyvik and Jose Buzón.

Our first idea (@alvarosuna @milacamomilla @nachetz) was to work on a kinect based project but because of time and the fact of having just one available for all the workshop we changed for not monopolizing it.

IMG 20121206 183937Working on the grasshopper definition 

 On the first session of this Workshop Jens talked about the analogic ports and the information we could get from different sensors and we decided to work on a project based on LDR sensors which are included on all arduino starter kits.

IMG 20121206 224043Testing the simplest arduino connection: using Arduino One Write and Arduino One Read components on Firefly (Grasshopper)  for controling the led blinking interval using LDR sensors.
IMG 20121206 204418
@alvarosuna testing the connection between Grasshopper and Arduino

 Although the session should have finished at 20:30 people kept on workintg till 22:00, it was fantastic!! We decided to hack a bit more our proposal and try to simulate the Theremin sound always using the LDR sensors.

Great workshop, great project, great days, great people!!

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