Vray Lighting Techniques: flash light effect – Part I

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12Lab created this scene as a personal project inspired by an AXN Europe advertising while preparing the material for a Rhino + Vray Summer Workshop at Seville.


The idea was to focus all the efforts on the lighting so the geometry was really basic: just a 6x6x3 meter box with no windows or doors and some furniture. Ought to speed and workflow everything was done using Rhinoceros 4.0 SR9 + Vray for Rhino 1.05. Ceramic tiles were not modeled for saving time: it’s a 3×6 meters plane mapped using a tiled texture. In the next post you’ll be able to see the whole process: shaders, lights and rendering setup. Also some VFB Channels were saved for Photoshop adjustment: z-depth, render ID, reflection, reflection filter.



Next chapter will be about how to simulate this flash lighting effect using Vray. As a lighting technique it will be the same for all Vray versions, no matter if it runs under 3d Max, Maya, Sketchup or Cinema4D although the tutorial will explain the process using Vray for Rhino.

If you are interested on 3d visualization projects you can visit our 3d visualization set on flickr


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